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This jacket lived a boring life being totally unremarkable before MI Leggett took markers and made it into this up-cycled piece here on your screen.

  • MI used sharpies to make this jacket awesome while also preserving its cool shininess.
  • All proceeds from this purchase go to support the incredible programs for young women and gender-expansive youth at The Lower Eastside Girls Club, which includes all kinds of classes from environmental justice to sewing to organic gardening.
  • This jacket was previously owned, so you might find a small imperfection here or there, which someone might even think is part of the art itself. Art is cool that way.
  • The artist was paid for their time and energy to create this amazing design.
  • The design on this jacket was done by hand, which means there will never be a piece quite like this again, which means if you like it, you should probably add it to your cart as quickly as possible, which means… you get it.
  • This jacket collection was hand-painted by artists all around the world. To keep yours in pristine condition, it’s best to treat it as wearable art and avoid getting it too wet.
Meet the artist MI Leggett
If you ever find yourself in a place with pin-up mannequin heads, paintings of every shape and color, sewing machines, tools, fabrics, garments, plants and an artist with a dog tattoo who is munching on cereal, you might have accidentally trespassed into MI Leggett’s studio in Queens. MI is kind of a legend in the upcycling world — their pieces have been worn in TV shows like the reboots for "Sex and the City" and "Queer as Folk" (and probably radio shows too, but that is pure speculation since you can’t see those). MI is passionate about both fashion and sustainability. And when not creating and recreating one-of-a-kind pieces, MI is probably dancing or eating more cereal, with or without oatmilk.
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