Powered By Plants

Upcycled holiday sweater
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The Powered By Plants holiday sweater was living the midwestern dream in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before Sarah Benning performed artistic wizardry to transform ...

Meet the artist SARAH BENNING
Sarah hails from Baltimore but now hangs out and works in Keene, New Hampshire. Her artistic process is a mix of meticulous hand-stitching, a few burning candles, several mugs of coffee, a certain hand-me-down loveseat, and one cat who goes by Quiqueue (super cool pronunciation tip: Key-Q) who, against all odds and instincts, shows suspiciously zero interest whatsoever in chasing the ridiculous number of yarn balls lying around. All of this might explain why most days she totally forgets the concept of time only to be reminded by the apple slices that are delivered to her studio every afternoon like clockwork by her husband.
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