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Post Milk Generation Tote Bag


It’s more about what’s on the outside than the inside that matters. That sounds like a really shallow philosophy even for a company merch store webpage unless you consider that what is on the outside of this tote is a statement about a movement that could keep the planet inhabitable for future generations. But sure, whatever you put inside it will be great too, champ.

Of course, that’s just a nice way of saying you are now in a highly competitive race against a bunch of other oatmilk enthusiasts to see who can hit the Add to Cart button, type in a bunch of numbers and check out the fastest. By the way, we totally hope you win.

There were 50 of these to begin with, and currently there are however many the internet bots in charge of tote counting say there are on the ticker up there, so hopefully this sentence will end soon allowing you to stop reading and start clicking the black button.

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