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Post Milk Generation Tote Bag


It’s more about what’s on the outside than the inside that matters. That sounds like a really shallow philosophy even for a company merch store webpage unless you consider that what is on the outside of this tote is a statement about a movement that could keep the planet inhabitable for future generations. But sure, whatever you put inside it will be great too, champ.

When will I get it?

This tote will be coming to you directly from a couple of tables we pushed together in a back corner of the New York office. And by “we” we mean Mary, Chelsea, Emily and Cheyenne — your friendly Oatly comms team. We’ll pack your order as fast as we can between social posts, webpages and bus signs or whatever, but we’d like to respectfully request about 7-10 business days worth of your patience in the interest of keeping carpal tunnel from setting in too quickly, if it’s cool with you.

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