Plant Lover With A Sunny Disposition

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This jacket practiced being waterproof when it grew up in Niagara Falls, New York, before the artist Meg Lewis transformed it in their Brooklyn studio into this one-of-a-kind custom art piece you now see on this site.

  • Meg used enamel paint to preserve both the shininess and the durability of this jacket.
  • All proceeds from this purchase go to support the incredible programs for young women and gender-expansive youth at The Lower Eastside Girls Club, which includes all kinds of classes from environmental justice to sewing to organic gardening.
  • This jacket was sourced secondhand, so you might find a small imperfection or spot, which could double as a certificate of its sustainability. We hear high-fashion brands do that kind of thing, but we’re an oatmilk brand, so what do we know?
  • The artist was paid for their time and energy to create this amazing design.
  • The design on this jacket was done by hand, which means there will never be a piece quite like this again, which means if you like it, you should probably add it to your cart as quickly as possible, which means… you get it.
  • Although this jacket is technically waterproof, to keep the artwork looking new and colorful and amazing, avoid getting it too wet.
Meet the artist Meg Lewis
Few people have a sunnier disposition than the incredible Kansas-City-Missouri-turned-Brooklyn artist Meg Lewis. If you don’t believe this statement, you can check out their studio, which is basically Meg Lewis in art studio form with foam walls, found objects, original art, giant paper sculptures, fake foods and yeah, a giant paper mache that looks just like Meg—which doesn’t bring much to the table creatively but is somehow an amazing conversationalist. When Meg’s not painting masterpieces in their art studio, they’re probably finding some victory nachos somewhere to celebrate the end of a creative project or jamming out to “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s.
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