Pa-la-la-la-la-lantttt Based

Upcycled holiday sweater
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The Pa-la-la-la-la-lantttt Based holiday sweater probably took a hike or two around Mountain Home, Tennessee, before the ...

Meet the artist LIZ PAYNE
Liz is an amazing artist who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Walking into her studio is not unlike colliding with a rainbow made up entirely of multicolored wool, paints, and no less than a million tiny bowls of sequins. She can’t get anything started until she’s had some coffee which paves the way for a bunch of mockups, hand-stitching, and beading—all of which is miraculously completed without her dog Buster leaving her side for like even a millisecond. In between holiday-sweater-embroidery commissions from oatmilk brands she also enjoys making wearable necklace art from totally repurposed fabrics.
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