Nice Day For A Plant-Based Revolution

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This jacket lived a fairly quiet life before Dominican-Republic-born, Los-Angeles-based painter Roselly Monegro came into the picture with an arsenal of fabric paints and turned it into the super subtle call to plant-based action shown here.

  • Roselly used fabric paints to make this piece.
  • All proceeds from this purchase go to support the incredible programs for young women and gender-expansive youth at The Lower Eastside Girls Club, which includes all kinds of classes from environmental justice to sewing to organic gardening.
  • This jacket was sourced secondhand, so you might find a scratch here or a spot there, which you are welcome to make up a cool story about what happened and sound really impressive to your friends. We won’t tell.
  • The artist was paid for their time and energy to create this amazing design.
  • This jacket is extremely limited edition in that it is limited to one in existence, so if this design catches your eye and you could see yourself wearing it, you should probably add it to your cart now, because someone else may be reading this same bullet point at this very moment and also seeing themselves wearing it.
  • This jacket collection was hand-painted by artists all around the world. To keep yours in pristine condition, it’s best to treat it as wearable art and avoid getting it too wet.
Meet the artist Roselly Monegro
Hypothetically speaking, if artist Roselly Monegro had five hands, she'd be painting with one, drinking an iced latte in another, drinking a golden milk tea in another, drinking a matcha latte in another and petting her 5-year-old long coat chihuahua with the other. Yeah, Rosally’s love for caffeinated beverages is strong, but it pales in comparison to the Dominican-Republic-born-Los-Angeles-based artist’s love for upcycling clothing. Her process involves starting with mood boards and color palettes, then refining a sketch digitally, drafting out the artwork on the garment and painting directly on it — all of which happens at her home office that has a nice view of the LA sky. When she’s not creating, you can find her dancing to "Young the Giant" or "Cage the Elephant", watching "Severance" or "Stranger Things", or maybe all of the above, since multitasking is kind of her thing.
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