Let's Ditch Milk Together

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  • Oat Icon Sourced from Chula Vista, California
  • Oat Icon Proceeds go to The Lower Eastside Girls Club

Before it was transformed into the ‘Let’s Ditch Milk Together’ jacket by the artist Jess Warby, this jacket used to wander the streets of ...

Meet the artist Jessica Warby
Jess is from the UK but is currently hanging out not too far away in Lisbon, Portugal. When it comes to art-making and all its processes, she likes to keep things “as fiddly as possible,” with all her materials right where she can grab and feel them in all their multitextured splendor. When she’s not dreaming of owning a cat and a dog who are best friends, she’s probably listening to a podcast that makes her laugh or playing some epic DJ music—either that or she’s slurping diet coke through a reusable straw, which luckily does not require the use of hands because hers are totally busy being tangled up in embroidery threads.
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