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This raincoat died in Corvallis, Oregon (RIP). But that’s not even remotely the end of this blue masterpiece’s story. It landed in artist Max Machen’s hands, where it got its brand-new, totally cooler look, as you can see.

  • Max used the magic of fabric paint to create this piece.
  • All proceeds from this purchase go to support the incredible programs for young women and gender-expansive youth at The Lower Eastside Girls Club, which includes all kinds of classes from environmental justice to sewing to organic gardening.
  • This jacket was previously owned, so you might find a small imperfection here or there, which someone might even think is part of the art itself. Art is cool that way.
  • The artist was paid for their time and energy to create this amazing design.
  • Unless you have the ability to traverse different universes, like most movies nowadays, this jacket is the only jacket like it in existence. And even if you do have the ability to traverse different universes, you should probably use that ability to save the world or something more important than buying this one-of-a-kind jacket. The good news is that you can add it to your cart right now and this whole universe thing can just remain speculation from a very long bullet point.
  • This jacket collection was hand-painted by artists all around the world. To keep yours in pristine condition, it’s best to treat it as wearable art and keep it dry.
Meet the artist Max Machen
So it’s sunny outside, there is strong coffee on the windowsill and you turn and see the amazing artist Max Machen in his Edinburgh studio that used to be a school. That’s the ideal creative day, if you ask Max. And we did. Ask him, that is. Max uses paint to capture his striking, visually witty ideas, and uses bananas and coffee when he is hungry. His good taste extends to TV and film too—his favorites include "Seinfeld", "Catch Me if You Can", and "The Darjeeling Limited". Anyway, Max thinks everyone should change their fashion habits if we’re going to tackle climate change. His work is helping to make that change easy, since pretty much everyone can get on board with his one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces, even if not everyone can get on board with the bananas and coffee thing.
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