Eat Less Animals

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  • Oat Icon Sourced from Phoenix, Arizona
  • Oat Icon Proceeds go to The Lower Eastside Girls Club

The ‘Eat Less Animals’ jacket origin story involves a brave journey from Phoenix, Arizona, to Salt Lake City, Utah, where it was turned over ...

Meet the artist Ann Chen
Ann is a seriously talented artist from Taiwan who now paints denim from her basement office which gets plenty of natural light, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her creative process involves a lot of random songs by a particularly famous blonde pop-country singer, sipping on any number of mango kombuchas or matcha lattes, and the frequent hunting down of missing pens stolen by one of her three roommates, who also happen to be cats. During the moments in between all of this, she likes to meticulously sew up holes in old clothing, give her aging threadbare sweaters a haircut, or repair and upcycle clothes to be reborn into their next lives as really cool dish rags.
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