Dasher, Dancer, and Plant-Based Prancer

Upcycled holiday sweater
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The Dasher, Dancer, and Plant-Based Prancer holiday sweater used to hang out almost exclusively under an umbrella in Tacoma, Washington, before being ...

Meet the artist SAM CROW
Sam is an epic artist who is originally from Toledo, Ohio, but now hangs out and works in a communal studio space in Kingston, New York. She’s rarely without a bag of dried mango in hand that, in fact, makes up about 95% of her snacking cuisine, which is impressive. Her process usually starts with a little hand-sketching and then dives into digital illustration. And finally, she’ll grab something called a pneumatic tufting gun and start filling in her piece. You might be wondering, Isn't tufting how rugs are made? And you’d be right, except this particular rug isn’t a rug at all but actually a wearable-reindeer-art holiday sweater.
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