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How does a subscription order work?

It’s really simple, actually. Just choose which type of oatmilk you’d like to receive every month (or every two months, or every other week—you get the picture), then hit “add to cart” and head to checkout where you’ll get to enter your shipping and billing info. Now comes the part where you sit back and let us do the rest. We’ll make sure your order continues to arrive according to your preferred schedule. So yeah, basically, if you’d prefer to never be without oatmilk again, you can never be without oatmilk again. Isn’t it nice when things just work out?

What if I decide I need to increase or decrease my order, or even cancel my subscription later on?

No worries! You can adjust or cancel your subscription at any point by logging into your Oatly account (here).

What if I want my order delivered more or less frequently than once per month? Or what if I go on vacation or need to take a break from receiving orders altogether?

That’s not a problem either. You can adjust your subscription cadence and even skip upcoming orders by logging into your Oatly account (still here). Please note that delivery schedule changes have to be made before your next charge goes through—once a charge goes through, the order has been placed and it will be shipped as-is as soon as it’s packed up. Hope that makes sense.

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