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Frequently asked questions

Is Oatly a Swedish company or a US company?

Now some of you might have noticed that we talk a lot about being Swedish but it says distributed by New York on our packages. That’s weird, isn’t it? The truth is we are not growing oats in Soho, that’s just where our US sales office is. Oatly headquarters are in Malmö, Sweden, where Oatly originated about 25 years ago when our founder, Rickard Öste, invented our now patented process of making liquid oats at Lund University. Since then we have been growing the oats for Oatly products in Sweden and processing them into a whole line of liquid oat products in Landskrona, Sweden, just down the street from Malmö. So you see, Oatly has been a small Swedish company and popular Swedish brand with a large international fan base for decades. And now, here we are launching Oatly in the US. So we have figured out how to grow high-quality, gluten-free oats worthy of the Oatly name, and turn them into liquid oats here in North America.

We get our oats for our US products from farms across the US and Canada that are committed to the highest values of sustainability and renewable farming. They produce really high-quality non-GMO oats that we use to make our oatmilks in the US. Our chilled products are actually packaged in New Jersey because the packaging facilities there are among the safest in the world. Our ambient line is packaged in Minnesota for exactly the same reason. We are committed to ensuring the quality of all our ingredients by frequently evaluating the companies and products we work with. We are looking forward to bringing people in the US our amazing oatmilks and soon hope to expand our line of products here.

Do Oatly’s products contain gluten?

Nope. Our US products are made from certified gluten-free oats and are labeled gluten-free.

Are Oatly’s products kosher?

Yes, all our products are kosher. Mazel tov.

Do Oatly’s products contain GMOs?

No GMOs. One more time. No GMOs.

Why is there rapeseed oil in Oatly products?

We think rapeseed oil (or canola as it's called in the US) is a good choice for our products since it contains both fatty acids and a high proportion of monounsaturated fat (compared to coconut oil, which is a saturated fat). It helps our oatmilks perform at the highest level, with precisely the right texture, and the neutral flavour also goes well with our oat base. We use only non-GMO rapeseed oil produced in North America, processed as per other refined vegetable oils, but hexane is not involved in the processing of our oil. All of our suppliers are certified to meet the requirements in accordance to the current product safety system. And we ensure that all our ingredients are of the highest quality by frequently evaluating our partners.

By the way, the rapeseed oil in our US Barista Edition is pressed and contains 0.0g/100g cholesterol and <0.1g/100g trans fat. Which means we can declare 0g on the package.

Our guidelines for purchasing

We have chosen to be a transparent food company. Amongst other things, this means that our website shows where our ingredients come from. We purchase products from companies who comply with our requirements in areas such as quality, price and delivery performance. Our procedures and purchasing policy comply with the recommendations of the UN, and the Swedish and US governments regarding business relationships with other countries. We consider issues such as how we can create a better environment, how we can reduce the environmental impact of the food industry and how we can improve people's health by reducing animal-based food intake.

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