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Since you are here, you probably know that we’ve always believed in the coffee community. Over the last five years, we’ve walked through your doors, talked with you face to face, and had the privilege to see firsthand how you are shaping your neighborhoods and communities as thoughtful, sustainably-minded leaders with big ideas.

You also know that our planet is facing an environmental crisis which demands to be met with widespread, immediate action. We believe the coffee community has the power—both locally and holistically—to lead society to a more sustainable future, and we want to provide the resources to help you do that.

So, like a grant?

Yes, we are providing grants to people in the coffee community so they can pursue strategies, projects and innovative ideas, then share their learnings to build a more sustainable future for the industry.

Why now?

In the middle of this planetary emergency we believe we can make real change happen more quickly in collaboration with the cafes and roasteries that can lead us there. We also believe that in order to create change toward a more sustainable business approach, we need to take small but real steps, and there has never been a better time to prove this than right now.

A few examples of what these grants can fund:
  • Greenhouse gas analysis of coffee shop operations
  • Closed-loop waste initiatives
  • Waste upcycling ideas
  • Community-focused agricultural programs connected to your supply chain
  • Environmental justice initiatives that tie into your business operations
  • Getting rid of single-use to-go materials
  • Other amazing ideas we have not thought of since we are just an oatmilk company
Sounds good, now what?

If you are an independent roaster or coffee shop in the US with 75 people or less (or work for one) with a brilliant idea to make your work more sustainable, and you’d love to turn that idea into a reality for the betterment of the coffee community, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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