Eat Plants for the Planet

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  • Oat Icon Sourced from Maidstone, England
  • Oat Icon Proceeds go to The Lower Eastside Girls Club

This ‘Eat Plants for the Planet’ jacket used to hang out with old castles in Maidstone, UK, before it was retrieved and sent to ...

Meet the artist Danica Pantic
This really cool artist named Danica Pantic is from Serbia but has lived and worked in NYC since the turn of this century. Her process usually starts off with a bunch of obsessive pondering about the world and any number of its unsolvable mysteries, which then sparks images and words to form in a feat of incredible brain-to-hand transference as she draws. To get the imagination flowing, she usually listens to whatever music is stuck in her head at the moment and drinks an inordinate amount of iced coffee. That or catching a glimpse of the dystopian-warehouse Bushwick vibes as seen from the window of her sunny 200 sq ft studio.
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