Chocolate Soft Serve

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Glyphosate-Free
  • Kosher-UDE
  • VeganGluten FreeNon-GMOGlyphosate-FreeKosher-UDE

Some things seem too awesome to have a boring ol’ product webpage written about them. A ska-punk song, a haiku novel, a rock opera ...

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What's Amazing

You have a seriously creamy chocolate non-dairy soft serve option from now on. Yeah, amazing. But maybe you’re surprised there’s no swirl-in-a-cone product shot on this page, which means you might also be surprised that even innovative oat-based soft serve starts out in liquid form inside an easy-to-pour carton and only reaches its full potential after being dropped into a soft serve machine to get really cold and do whatever it is that soft serve liquid does inside a soft serve machine, then voila! Perfect chocolate swirls for everyone—depending on the skills of the person pulling the handle. FYI, you can currently find this whole dairy-free scenario taking place across the US at forward-thinking restaurants, ice cream shops, MLB ballparks and other super-fun places.

What might be less amazing

Yes, there is sugar in this product in the same way there is sugar in regular dairy-based soft serve, but hopefully the fact that it is sugar in a soft serve made from plants grown in the warm sun from the soil of the earth instead of in a soft serve made from dairy that comes from large farm animals without their written consent, will outweigh any sugar concerns that might arise.


No dairy, no nuts, no gluten, no close-up magic skills whatsoever. Cup vs. cone? We see the benefits of both and remain neutral on the topic at this time.


Oatmilk (water, oats), liquid sugar (sugar, water), dried glucose syrup, low erucic acid rapeseed oil, dextrose. Contains 2% or less of: cocoa powder treated with alkali, pea protein, natural flavor, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sea salt, guar gum, gellan gum, dipotassium phosphate, locust bean gum.

Nutritional value

Nutrition Facts (2/3 cup, 100 g)
Nutrition Value
Calories 180
Fat 7 g (9%*)
Saturated 1 g (4%*)
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg (0%*)
Sodium 55 mg (2%*)
Total Carbohydrate 28 g (10%*)
Dietary Fiber 1 g (2%*)
Sugars 19 g
Includes 19 g added sugars (38%*)
Protein 2 g
Potassium 2%*
Calcium 0%*
Iron 6%*
Vitamin D 0%*

* % Daily Value.

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What our customers have to say

what our customers have to say

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Our oat base is just oats and water. But it’s what we do with those oats and that water that makes Oatly so special.